Group Music Classes in Springfield

Group Classes


Group Classes are available at different times of the year.  To ensure success of all classes there is a four month commitment. Tuition is pre-paid in full.

Intro To Instruments


Private Lessons and Group Classes are available for Intro to Instruments.  Children ages 4-6 explore instruments, learn music symbols, sing and play musical games.  Tuition is $22.00 per hour class.  Most students are ready for private lessons at the conclusion of this class.  A summer and winter session is held. 

Rock Band


If you play in a band or want to start one we have you covered.  Our rock band classes get bands off their feet.  Rock band classes for students looking to get into a band or for current bands. They are held during the summer months. Some may choose to continue through the year.  Tuition is $22.00 per hour class.

Ukulele Club


Our Tuesday afternoon ukulele club meets during June, July and August.  Some time is spent with an instructor who guides students with their materials.  Students work together and have fun learning for group performances. On nice weather days students are able to meet and practice outside on our property.  Bring your snacks and a blanket.  There is a $7.00 fee for students not enrolled in our school.  

Sing Together


 Selections are learned in private lessons and then brought together as a group to practice for performances.  

Little Praise Musicians


We support churches and local organizations in starting and developing their music program for children ages 5-11.  We are able to help you choose music best suited for your needs.  Children meet for an hour each week at a special rate of $20.00 per student.