Start Up Trial Lesson

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A trial lesson includes assisted set up for on line line lessons,  a  lesson book  (up to $10.00 value) and registration ($20.00). The trial lesson date is scheduled after the student receives the  lesson book.  Trial lesson are a half hour of private instruction valued at $25.00. This offer includes a $15.00 discount. Following the trial lesson students must enroll in weekly lessons to continue.  When we are able to reopen you can take your lesson on line or come to our studios. Tuition is $25.00 per half hour lesson, paid monthly.  

On line trial lessons are available for piano, keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, voice, ukulele, flute,  saxophone, mandolin, recorder and bass. 


Tuition (see payment form)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Current on line students can pay their tuition and for their lesson books here.  To pay your tuition click on the red "pay tuition" box above. Then type in your tuition amount on the next page where it says "price per item". Please follow the same steps for lesson books and materials. Thank you for keeping your tuition up to date.